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Hi I"m Ace, (Birth name is Emily, though) Happy i joined here


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Hi I'm ace, and physically, I'm a girl. I'm mentally a guy but my parents are against that so I"m only getting the surgery after I move out in 4 years. I still like guys, and so my sexuality is considered homosexual. My parents are also homophobes. I grew up in a christian household but am not christian. I don't have a religion and I don't judge people, unless they're complete assholes. So that's me: Gay, trans and bullied. Nice to meet you

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Hey Ace!


So psyched that you found Community! Welcome!! I'm one of the Digital Support Mentors? I offer advice and support.


Am I correct in interpreting that you told your parents you're trans?


Maybe you'd be able to start a new thread about the bullying you've endured/are enduring... is it by your parents? Or by someone else?



This Digital Mentor Account is no longer active.

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