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How to talk about being gay?


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Hello, I'm new here. But I think you can help me with something.

I am a guy that is gay and I wanted do tell that to my parents. They are not homophobic but I don't know if they support LGBT people or not. I am scared that I'll lose them and I think you might help me whith that.

I would just want to know if you had any advice or not.

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Hey Guilherme,


Coming out is definitely a common thing for people to ask about-- you're not alone!


We do have some resources that you can check out:






It's good to prepare yourself- what kind of questions do you think they would ask? Are you safe to come out? (If they don't respond well, is there a place you can go that you are safe') Do you have a support system of people who love and accept you, as you are, already?


They're not homophobic, that's great! -- Have you felt supported by them, in the past? It's less about them supporting LGBTQ+, and more about them supporting you as an LGBTQ+ person.



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