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What's wrong with my face?


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Ever since I can remember I've been incredibly self conscious of my face. I could be confident at times but if saw my face in pictures I would get this sinking feeling of insecurity that would affect me the rest of the day.

The worst part to me is my mouth, it looks very ugly to me. It looks uneven and small, and when I talk it always looks so weird, like one part comes up higher than the other and it just happens to be on the side of my face I hate the most so it makes it worse.

Everyone tells me it looks fine and I'm just overthinking it, but it doesn't look fine to me. I've become very self conscious of talking, laughing, and even just being still because of it. I dont know what to do honestly. Please help?

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Hey Yuuri!


Welcome to Community. Thank you for sharing with us-- I know it can be hard to put yourself out there and share your vulnerabilities. But know, you're not alone!


I'm curious- why do you think you became self conscious of your face, initially? Did someone say something negative about it?


Are you worried about what others say about your face? How does having the face you have prevent you from having success in your life?


If you haven't read this article, before, I really recommend it. It speaks truth!




We all feel low about ourselves, sometimes... Here's some tips to overcome those low feelings.




What kinds of things do you do for fun? What are things that you do that make you feel beautiful (and not the beauty from comparing yourself with others.. the inner joy and happiness)?


Here's an article on practicing self care. We all need to aim to be the healthiest versions of ourselves!




Hope these help!



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Hey MollieXOXX,




What do you mean when you say how you don't feel confident with how you "feel on the inside"?


And why do you feel trapped in your body?




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I think sadly this is so normal for so many of us. We're overexposed to 'perfect' pictures of 'perfect' people, and before we realise it we're holding ourselves to totally unattainable beauty standards.


There's no set way of looking that people find attractive - everyone is attracted to something different, and often people are attracted to someone who has something in particular that makes them stand out from the crowd.


Instead of seeing your mouth as a flaw, embrace it's quirkiness and the way it makes you individual, unique and interesting. There will be so many people out there that are drawn to you for that exact reason. Have you seen the Lynx 'Find Your Magic' advert? I know it's just an advert, but I actually think it's really inspiring, because it's all about embracing the bits that make you different and rocking them:

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