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My name is Nicholas. I'm 19 years old and I have been bisexual since I was 15. I've wanted to come out to my parents but I'm afraid to do it because my father is a hardcore Christian and is very vocal about how homophobic he is. I've been trying to gather the courage we within myself to talk to my parents but the longer I wait to harder it gets...I dont know what to do

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Hey Nicholas!


Welcome! And thank you for sharing this with Community. I moved this into the 'Family and Friends" category so that others might be able to find it, if they have a similar question!


Do you have a support system? Of people who know that you are bisexual? The stronger support system you have prepares you for any backlash that might come your way.


Would you consider talking to your mom, first, by herself? -- A question to ask yourself, which might be helpful, is "Why do I want to tell my parents I'm bisexual'" Is it because you want them to know the 'full you'? Because you want them to be prepared for whoever you might bring home for dinner? -- Remember, what you're telling people is not only are you sexual (which can be a taboo topic in many families), but you're sexuality is not like what they imagined. It can be multiple layered shock.... which has nothing to do with you. That's all their own issues.


Here's an article on coming out to parents who are homophobic:




And here's an article on coming out as bisexual:




I hope these help!


What I like to remind myself is that just like bullying is a behavior that people can change-- homophobia is a mindset that can change. Don't lose hope that your dad might, one day, accept and support you.




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