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I'm so confused


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I'm positive I'm not straight, but I don't know exactly what I am. I havent felt any romantic feelings towards females (besides maybe fictional characters) but I'm physically attracted to many women. I've had romantic feelings for men, and been attracted to them. What I feel for girls isn't quite the same. It's just that I find them alluring, desirable, and sexually attractive. Is it that I haven't met the right woman?

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Hi Shiloh!


Welcome to Community! Thanks for sharing what you're going through :)


What does 'straight' mean to you? That you would only be sexually interested in men? Or romantically? Or both sexually and romantically interested?


Try not to get hung up on the labels.. follow your desires. Right now you seem content admiring, but if you want to act on it, that does shift your desires a bit from an appreciator (from afar) to a person who would like to have a physical connection with a woman.


You don't have to be both sexually and romantically interested in women to have relationships with them.. if you want to act on it, then the right person will come along.


Also, this is the time of exploration, for you! And it's a beautiful place to be... You're figuring yourself out. Try not to rush it-- and just be open to everything that comes up.




Hope this helps!



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