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I’m in 11th grade (USA) and I’ve been panicky about what I’m going to do with my life. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing school, and I think I’m gonna do community college after High School, but I’m still not sure abt what to do. My step dad is a recruiter for the Army, and my mom was talking to me in the car yesterday about how she doesn’t think that I’m going to get my life together by the time I’m out of High School and I probably won’t realistically figure it out in a few years after that either. She said that she thinks that joining the army would be “really good for me” and that she thinks that “I should at think about it because at least I can still be productive while I figure things out.” And my step dad agreed. I don’t know how to feel about this, but I’m kinda discouraged about finding work as things are, and a bit more so now because my mom seems to lack faith in me too. I don’t know if the army would be good, but I want to make her proud. Plus, like, what other choice do I have? Any thoughts?

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uhhh i am not from a country where people go to the army willingly, but don't join it just to make your parents proud. making important life choices for other people's feelings will make you miserable. if you have a genuine interest in the army, find it appealing - go for it! if you don't, there are other options. community college is a good one. what are your favorite subjects? what are you interested in? you could look into what your local college offers and mark any courses that you find interesting in the slightest. that's a good start.
you could also take a gap year. i understand not wanting to work rn, but maybe you could find something that would feel alright? maybe something online? a lot of young people over here work as tutors, helping younger students with literature, maths, and english etc. having a job duirng the gap year could get you something to do, some experience and money, while also give you time to think what you want to do in the future.

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