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other dudes like ffootball or soccer i hate them.I rather watch tv instead(sex and the city or mean girls or glee.Or like They hear just rap and i like more Pop(selena,Britney etc.)They behave different then i do ya know.They have like deep voices i have a high voice.I dont look like the male standarts ya know.thats why i get called gay in school or outside bc i dont look like a masculine man.But the problem is I AM NOT GAY.

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Hey there, Tyler!


Thanks, again, for bringing this to Community. So many of us silently worry about how the world perceives what we look like and how we behave.


Although I don't have the 'guy's' perspective, I have also been labelled as 'gay' my whole life. People take one look at me and assume that I am a lesbian. But the thing is, the way I look is nothing to do with my sexuality.


Have you taken our sexuality quiz? In it, there are so many questions about interests and preferences, but none of those things define who a person is sexually attracted to! But our society has put these labels on us just because we don't look or behave in a stereotypically 'male' or 'female' way.


I believe interests are interests... you should feel ashamed for liking the things you do!


Check out this article on what 'masculinity' means.




Does people assuming your gay stop you from doing things, or having relationships with people you're interested in?




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So many of my straight guy friends love rom coms and pop music, but they often don't talk about it because guys are under a lot of pressure to conform to stupid gender norms that say that men should only like sport, and fighting and angry rap and other 'manly' things. In reality, guys have loads of different interests - it has nothing to do with being gay or straight. The older you get, the less people will judge you for it (because as people get older they often realise that these social expectations are just stupid) and the more you'll realise that the people around you are probably feeling similar.

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