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What are your most embarrassing stories?


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Okay so this happened not too long ago there was this guy he's in my school I see him walking around in the hallways and stuff but never talk to him just a random person but one day while I was waiting to get my lunch he just bends over and sniffs me for a minute I could not process what happened and he says "Sorry I thought you were my friend" me thinking "Sureeeee"  but yeah anyway this happened again but this time I was with my friends at there locker (note we were on the ground) he bends down to sniff me again Like WhAt In ThE wOrLd he uses the same excuse "SoRrY I tHoGhT yOu WeRe My FrIeNd" I knew there was no way in hell the dude could have mistaken me for someone else twice especially when I was with my friends anyway that is how he got the name "Mr.Snifferdude" (This was before we knew his real name) now we get into the embarrassing part we were at lunch again playing truth or dare (but with money involved) and this was the day we found out our school dance was in a few weeks I dared my friend to ask him and I'd give her 3$ but she said she'd give me 5$ if I did it instead so me being me I did it cause I was flat broke I went over to him and this is how it played out

Me:Hey hold on


Me:Okay so I have to do a dare and after I'm done I want you to never speak of this again 

Snifferdude:*Smirks*Hey guys come over here 

Me:💭"This asshole why did he have to call all his friends over"

Snifferdude:Go ahead 

Me:*Grabs arm* Come with me 

Snifferdude:*pulls away*WHOA AAA

Snifferdudes friends:WWWHHHHHOOOOOAAAAAA*Starts going up stairs*

Me:*Yells*Will you go to the dance with me *runs off*

Sooo yeah that was terribly embarrassing because everyone in my class knew and it was right after it happened they were saying I was trying to make a move on him not only that but I think he thinks I like him cause last Friday he was hitting on me but the worst part was that when I asked him he didn't even hear me so I went though all that hell for nothing but look at the bright side I get 10$ instead of 5$.Sorry this was terribly long but feel free to share aswell

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