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I am a 14 year old girl. When I started middle school I started to wonder why I'd never had a crush before. All through middle school I was faking crushes on boys so my friends would think I'm normal. I have taken numerous sexuality quizzes and they all say they are stumped. Even the two quizzes I took on here. I recently realized I either wanna be my old gymnastics coach or have a crush on her. But every time I see her picture it makes me shiver. I'm going into high school now and still questioning my sexuality. I have told some of my closest friends about the process I'm going through and I have their support. But it's still really hard. I was talking to a lesbian I 2 years older than me that I met online and I think it may of turned into something. Only problem is she just told me she has lung cancer and won't be able to text me anymore as she is leaving for treatment. Now I'm back at base 1. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm really struggling. Also is anyone scared of the dark? I'm freaked.

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Hey Keita!


Welcome to Community! So thankful you found us-- hope we can provide support and advice to you.


I want you to know, our intentions with those 'sexuality' quizzes are to help people recognize that activities/styles/etc. are not a tool you can use to define your sexuality. They're humor-based, and everyone 'stumps' the quiz!


What are you looking for, in regards to your sexuality? The response to your gymnastics coach (the shiver) sounds like an indication of physical attraction. But that's only from interpretation. It sounds like you wanted a romantic relationship with the person you met online... and they happen to be female.


I'm glad you have the support from your friend! This process you're going through is perfectly okay. Here's an article to help remind you:




How are you feeling around this person you had an online relationship having to leave because they have lung cancer treatment?


What scares you about the dark?




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