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Hi I’m josh and I just found out that I’m bisexual and my dad is a homophobe.


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Hey Josh,


Thanks for coming to us for advice. We can help you :)


I had to remove your email address from the post. This is just a security measure to protect your identity.


Anyway... Sorry to hear what you are going through. How are you feeling about this? Coming out can be hard enough, and having a homophobic parent makes it trickier! My dad always used to make homophobic comments and this made me stay in the closet for longer than necessary. When I told him, he eventually stopped making such comments. I now realise that those opinions weren't actually his. They were just a product of his upbringing. This is often the way with homophobia - it can be caused by family situations and religion.


When coming out, it is important to be patient. He may react negatively at first, but a lot of parents like this just need time to process the info before they get used to the idea :). When coming out to him, it could be useful to do it over message instead of in person. This can take away a lot of fear. Also, it may be a good idea to organise staying with a friend/family member to let it settle down if needs be.


Here are some article you may find useful:






I hope this advice helps. Speak soon :) - Monsoon. ... THAT RHYMES!


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