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people irl suck


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this is going to be a long one, but around halloween i had this thing with one of my friends but we weren’t dating. i asked her a couple days later what we were and she asked me to be her gf and me being a bit high at the time said sure without a second thought. i then had a friend tell her that i wasn’t mentally ready for a relationship and she was fine about it. since then, i haven’t said anything to her without me needing to. this morning she texted me “do you like rosie 💀” like we were best friends again. i told her no and went on with my say a bit shaken up for some reason. she then texted me in second period (about 10:00 am). saying “why aren’t you talking to me anymore? did i do something wrong?” and i shut down. i had to skip my next class because i couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her in my fragile state. one of my friends skipped with me and we chilled until she had to go and it was time for my lunch. i say with my friends and had a pretty good time until she started to ft me over and over. i kept declining them because we were in the noisy lunchroom and then she started spamming me with texts. i blocked her because she was being annoying, and then she sent one of my friends over to “talk to me” even though it was really obvious that she was going to lead me to this girl. i brushed her off and went on with my day, but i was really messed up for the rest of it. i kept shaking and i had to leave class twice to have a panic attack in peace. i’m really dreading seeing her tomorrow but i know i can’t skip that class again. so yeah, that’s how my day went

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