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I can’t get over my ex


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My boyfriend broke up with me about two months ago via text. Then he went to work in another country for a month, but before he left said we should meet up for a drink when he's back. He's been back for a month and hasn't said about meeting up, even when I ask about it.


I can't get closure off a text message. The last thing he said to my face was not to worry and that he liked me, which was the same night he dumped me.

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Hey AMG94,


Oh, wow... I'm so sorry.


I'm really curious about the sudden break up, and lack of reaching out, since he's been back! It's strange... and it's kept you in the dark.


We could probably sit here all day guessing-- but you do deserve some closure, if he's able and willing to help facilitate that. When you've reached out to him recently, does he respond at all?


What is it that you want for your relationship? Do you want it to go back like it was? Or a friendship? Or is it just wanting understand what the heck happened...


You're left confused. And he's the only one who would be able to communicate exactly what happened. He may be unable to be clear about what's been going on... Many times people worry about hurting the other person by being honest. Maybe this is where his head was/is at?


Here's an article on conflict resolution, if you do get the opportunity to chat with him:




If he's unable to chat with you... know this is about his emotional maturity-- not yours. Do you think you could forgive him for the way he's treated you, and move forward with your life?




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