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hi I’ve got autism and I’m finding it really hard to meet new people of my age


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I find it difficult to meet new people how are my age as I've got autism and I don't like pubs or bars as they are to noisy and I've got a daughter who is nearly 2yrs so when I do get a break from her I'm all about the tiding up washing and ironing etc. Which means I can't go out every night.

Any hints or tips would be appreciated

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I used to go cycling for a hobby, I quite regularly go swimming, I sometime go to the gym and the ice skating but apart from that I'm really a loner and when my wee girl is about we tend out to mother and toddler groups but all of parents their are about 10yrs older than me I don't drink booze or like loud music so a bar isn't an ideal place for me

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Hey RCowie1!


Welcome to Community! Thanks for sharing what you're going through.


I want to let you know that as an adult, it's really hard to find and make new friends! It's a skill I have yet to perfect.


We all have our different lives... and it's hard to organize around them. What is it that you're looking for, in a friendship? Do you have any friends, at the moment? If so-- what kinds of things do you do together?


I know you said the other parents in the mother/toddler groups are 10 years older... but that doesn't mean you can't relate to each other! Maybe they have get-togethers that aren't at a pub. And they'll be able to understand where you're coming from as a parent, which is really powerful.


Your hobbies are awesome! I love cycling and swimming! What I'm noticing is that they're individual activities, though...


I don't drink, either, so what I've been doing is looking up activities on meetup.com. They have different groups for different interests. There, you can start meeting people with similar interests, and usually in an environment that isn't in the pub/club scene.


Hope this helps!




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