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I am having trouble with my sexuality.


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I am teenager, a cis female. I have always had crushes on guys and thought plenty were cute. I wouldn't mind dating, kissing, or even having sex with a dude. But recently I have been feeling unsure with myself and who I like. I have noticed that I check out girls sometimes, like sometimes looking at their chests and bodies when they talk to me. I wouldn't mind kissing a girl, and I honestly want to try it, to see how I might feel. But I feel like sense I'm a teenage girl who hasn't been in a relationship, I'm just making these things up out of being desperate for a bond with someone. And honestly I don't get grossed out, thinking of having a relationship with a girl. It is just really difficult to understand If I like the same sex, or if I am just unsure. Thoughts? Advice?

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Hey there Abr1elle,


Thank you for bringing this to Community! A lot of Community members are also working through their sexual identity-- so you're definitely not alone!


You've reached a very important in your identity exploration. It's awesome that you've felt comfortable in questioning this part of you.


You might be right in that you might be looking for a bond, and would consider it coming from anyone you have attraction to. But that doesn't mean you're wrong. Wanting to experiencing kissing or being in a romantic relationship with a girl doesn't have to mean anything more than you seeing if it's right for you.


Here's an article to remind you that where you're at is perfectly okay. You don't have ever have to define yourself-- and definitely not in these early stages.




Hope this helps!





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