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What are you passionate about??

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Although it may sound silly, I am passionate about sleeping. It makes me feel so good and fresh. I am also passionate about helping others and being charitable. I think working at UNICEF, doctors without borders and UN sound cool.

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I'm passionate about music, and please don't laugh ..... anime. It may sound weird, but I am very passionate about my anime. I get super involved in the show. I have CRIED because one of my favorite characters was about to die. I ran into my sisters' room crying my eyes out because of my animes.

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Like lot of other people here, I'm passionate about music. I play a flute and I also started composing lately. Also love drawing and writing, and my dream is to create a web comic from a story I planned. Alltrough, I still need to improve my drawing skills a lot ;D

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I have lot of story ideas, but the most completed one is fantasy/romance/mystery.

It's about group of teenage witches which have to solve lot of problems of all kinds - questions of love, childhood trauma, possesed by a demon, everyone have their own, but they have to trust each other and stick together till the end if they want to make it.

Main character is Zoe Mackenzie which belongs to this gorup called Pythonissam (from latin) and she is dating their leader Keir Stevens. They seem like a perfect couple, but there's this one thing that will mess everything up - Keir is a traitor and he's done horrible things that will come to surface now... but no more spoilers ;D

Also I want to mention a lgbt themes 'cause it's a part of life and withes are still human beings so there will be one bi x lesbian couple and I'm really exited to draw them 'cause they are just super cute together ~u~

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