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Been speaking to the guy again after going on one date months ago


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Back in summer this year (22F) I went on a date with this guy (24M) i matched with on tinder. He was just finishing his masters and I'm now in last year uni. After the date he ghosted me for a week, then he told me he doesn't think we are compatible, though I didn't think that and I really liked him. The date did go well though and i made a good impression. Then in August we found each other on Instagram and just talked about how we've been. And also did this one more time a few weeks later. Then stopped. In September he started commenting on my photos with fire emojis and was flirting a bit with the comments. So another conversation started from this that also included him flirting a bit, and ever since we have been talking every couple of days and still do. He flirts a bit sometimes and sometimes tells me how hot i look and how he can't resist it. As i like him, I flirt back and said he should go out with me and friends sometime which he was keen about and he was disappointed about not being able to make it to my party. Our conversations have been based around sharing what we've been up to if anything interesting, catching up and asking about each others stuff and having a laugh too. I really like him so I've been doing the flirting/texting very well to make him interested again, he seems to respond well so far with me dropping very subtle hints that aren't obvious. I'm aiming to be just friends with him first as i don't want to come on strong, but i'm trying to figure out how to get to that stage where we meet up as friends to hang out. Like how to casually initiate that without seeming weird so he's more likely to be up for it, so we do end up doing that. Just looking for ways to build friendship with him first to know him more while being friends.

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