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Introducing Restricted Account Status


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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi all,

Unfortunately a number of members have been abusing the cover photo feature today as a means of trying to bypass our Community Guidelines, so I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all members that the guidelines are in place for a reason - to keep you and our community a safe and anonymous space. Every single piece of content uploaded to our platform is moderated by a team of humans, without exception, this includes content that is 'deleted' or 'hidden'.

In addition to issuing bans and moderation periods to members found to be abusing the features we offer to help you express yourselves, we will now be introducing Restricted Account Status. This will apply in addition to account bans and will last for as long as our community moderators feel is necessary. Restricted account status can also be permanent.

Restricted accounts will no longer have access to many of the additional features other members receive. They will be unable to upload avatars or cover photos or will be able to add information/statuses/bios to their profile. This account status will also remove any earned Diamond Status or other perks received for community contributions. 

Restricted Account Status is in force with immediate effect and any other members abusing our profile customisation features over the coming days will be banned and then switched to a Restricted Account permanently. 

It's disappointing that we'll now be introducing these measures as we much prefer to reward the incredible contributions that most of our members bring to this wonderful community we all know and love. Please do not try to bypass our moderation because we will always find out.

- Harper


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