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How do I know if I'm really trans ?


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Honestly if you're questioning being trans, then you're most likely at least non-cis as cis folks usually don't question their gender identity - but idk.


Maybe ask yourself, am I female? And go with your gut. If you say yes, then you are one, but you say no, then you aren't - but again, this is more complicated than that, to which I'd just recommend researching and/or experimenting with labels/identities to see which one fits you the most, if you want/need to do that. But that's just a suggestion.

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Hey there Elijah!


Thank you SO much for sharing the struggle you're going through. These are questions I've thought about, myself. It's nice to air out the inner struggle of identity around gender.


Ariisokay has a good point-- I would encourage you to consider why it's important for you to have a label for yourself. How would a label benefit you?


What "disadvantages of being female" have you encountered? What kinds of things would you like to do that you feel you cannot?




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