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My personal things on my sexuality (Can u relate)

Skylar V    

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I am quite sure I am bisexual, though possibly a biromantic lesbian.

I also currently identify as female, though I would like to change that to genderfluid as I sometimes feel like I am neither a boy or a girl or feel like a boy.(I didn't do it yet because I am scared of the possible outcomes

I have never dated anyone, probably because I am too shy.

Still, I put up pride decorations in my room, and wear pride accessories. 


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hiiiii, Skylar i can relate to you , i sumtimes feel like im genderfluid , i have a bf and i never had a gf but im bisexual like when i feel a female touch it give me goosbumps it make me feel nervous an i get butterflies but its only to a female tht i would feel attraction to not just any female , and i thought me telling everyone im bi would make them not love me but yeah there is a couple of ppl tht are like no thts not good for u but others are very supportive. So , its relatable to feel how u feel about ur sexuality. it will tka eu sum time uk?. but im hear if u want a friend to talk to.

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