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I'm doing okay, just a little down and confused at the moment.


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My dog is sick, which I think triggered some (maybe depression or anxiety I really don't understand) but sometimes when one thing goes wrong and it just goes into a downward spiral of insecurities. I saw this website on the suicide prevention website, which I do not need I was just curious) My boyfriend is out of town and his phone is in the repair shop so he's out. I'm a freshman in HS so that's not helping anything. Really so now that I have lost connection to my best friend of 4 years. My father (whom I've met 4 times) lives in a different state and has medical problems. (i also refuse to see him) I just needed a place to unload, and writing usually helps, sorry in advance.

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Hey AYLA2,


Thanks for coming to Community for help; we are here for you and you are not alone :)


I'm sorry to hear about your dog, how are you feeling? When my dog was sick and eventually passed, it was so difficult for me and caused anxiety in other areas of my life. However, when you go through such things, this kind of reaction is normal. It's important to give yourself time to experience these negative emotions rather than bottling it up. If you don't, this can harm to your mental health.


You don't have to apologise for unloading. Doing this is the best way to cope with negative emotions. It's great that writing usually helps you - keep doing it! Do you have a good group of friends in HS? If not, maybe you could join some clubs to meet more people? Also, it could be beneficial for you to speak to your school counsellor.


I hope this advice helps you - if not, we can figure something else out. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Hang in there! -Monsoon :)


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