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Anyone here that likes animated movies


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It’s it just me do am the only one who likes animated movies and stuff like that 

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15 hours ago, President_Van_Glitch said:

It’s it just me do am the only one who likes animated movies and stuff like that 

Animated movies are amazing :)

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ive always liked animated movies more than live action ones since im younger. animation is more flexible and aesthetically pleasing and live action just looks out of place with its theme most of the time

i like the old disney animated films. those are the classics. but i hate the 3d animated remakes of the older ones disney made; cash grab and nostalgia just doesnt hit

pixar animated movies are also really cool. my personal favorite is soul and turning red but all the other movies looks amazing too. the stories are refreshing and emotional. especially turning red; i find it really relatable as a fellow chinese

dreamworks have a few classics like kong fu panda and how to train your dragon. both of them are my absolute favorites. i love the comedy in both series

cant be fan of animated movies without mentioning studio ghibli. its common theme of slice of life with fantasy sprinkled here and there never gets old. plus the worldbuilding is done so brilliantly you feel like youre actually living in the movies when you watches them. very original and lovely stories

for a few bonuses i like spiderman into the spiderverse [i hope the upcoming sequel will get even better] and the mitchells and the machines. both movies have similar animation styles [the comic book style and little effects]. the bad guys is a pretty new one and holy shit does the story and comedy slap. the animation is very similar to the first two except theres not really many comic book style involved [its been a while since ive watched it so correct me if im wrong]

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