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I need to come out to my parents.


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I'm pansexual. I'm 14. I start high school in 2 months. My parents are extremely homophobic. They say their opinion is based on religion. Not only would they not accept me, they have told me that I shouldn't hang out with anyone from school who is gay because "I don't want to get labeled like that." I've known who I am for a while now. I am also in drama club and have many friends who are openly lgbt+ which my parents do not know about. Many people at school already know I am pan and my parents will most likely find out before I am out of high school. However, I know when they find out they are going to kick me out and possibly disown me. What should I do?


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Hey KailiStanford,


Welcome to Community! Thank you sharing your story with us. Know that there are many of us figuring out how to share our sexuality identity with family. I'm so sorry you're needing to overcome the hurdle that is them being homophobic, as well.


I'm glad yoou have support from your friends at school! It's amazing to have support toward the truest you.


Here's an article on coming out to your family, when they are homophobic:




To me, it sounds like your parents really care about how you're perceived... I'm wondering if their love and care for you would help them see that they can love the full you.




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I have just come out to my boyfriend that I'm bisexual but I'm not sure how to tell my parents becuse I'm not sure how they will take it because I don't know if they are homophobic or not and my best friend is homophobic and I don't know what to do

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