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I’m very confused about my sexuality


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I don't know what my sexuality and romantic orientation is. I'm a boy and I've almost exclusively liked girls. I haven't questioned my orientation until a few months ago where I got a small crush on a guy. I only saw him for about an hour but since then I have been very unsure about my sexuality and romantic orientation. I'm pretty sure I'm bi. Some days I wake up and think to myself ?I'm bi? and I'm in a good mood. Other days I'm super confused, it's all I can think about and I feel like I'm straight and I'm just confused. I find guys attractive but not necessarily in a sexual way. I've had dreams of kissing guys and girls. I've done online quizzes and I get mixed results. All the YouTube videos I've seen they say ?I was sure by the time I was 9? but I'm 13 and I don't know what to do or what emotions I'm feeling.

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People can be unsure until they're like, 20 or 30. The people that say that they knew when they were 9 are usually gay or lesbian (which is fine, but its easier to now if you're only attracted to one gender), and its completely fine to have no idea, like I'm still unsure if I'm bi or pan, but I identify as bi. Give it a few month or even years! You'll know eventually, and even if you don't you're still accepted in the LGBTQ+ community. I mean the Q is for questioning after all!


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Hey Braedon!


What a great explorative time you're going through!


I agree with Lizzie.. enjoy this time of "questioning!" You may not know exactly how you want identify until you have experiences with people of both/all genders. There's so many different kind of attractions (romantic, sexual, sensual, emotional, intellectual), and it might vary person to person, rather than gender to gender.


You mention feeling in a good mood when you wake up feeling like you're bi-- is this because you feel good to have it 'figured out''


You many have seen this article already, but here's our article about questioning:




Hoping this is helpful!




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