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My family doesn't think anything other than gay, lesbian, or transgender is real


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I identify as bisexual, and when I bring up other sexualities besides gay or lesbian, they always say that it is some liberal B.S and that its not real. when i told them about an openly bisexual friend, they just said that she'd pick a side eventually. My brother and Dad always say stuff like, "There's no such thing as gender non-binary/gender-fluid/bi-gender/etc. when I try to explain it to them all I get are eye-rolls and disinterested looks. I suggested to my brother that he join the GSA to learn more about the LGBT community, and all he said was "I know that there are gay people, lesbian people, and trans-gender people, and that's all I need to know." they always say that the others are fake, and only my mom outs in the effort to try to learn. They always call liberal B.S and its driving me crazy, and making me scared to come out to them. I feel like if I just say I'm gay it'll be easier, but I know that's not right, and that I'm bisexual. I have no idea what to do.

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Hey Lizzie,


Thanks for bringing this to Community. So many of us have familial situations that we're working through.


People who identify as bisexual are working really hard to be visible... but it's a work in progress!


I definitely want you to feel comfortable with sharing your truth with your parents. Part of me honest that they'll be able to be more understanding when they have someone in their family who is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. At the moment it sounds like your brother doesn't have motivation to go to GSA because he doesn't know how it would benefit him.


Telling your family might start their interest in trying to truly understand your presence on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.


Here's an article on common myths about bisexuality:




You mention your mom working to try to learn more... it sounds like she would be a good person to speak to first. That way you can give her lots of information about what it means for you (versus what stigmas they have with the label).


I think it's important to let them know your true identity-- that way they know what to expect when you date. You might be bringing home someone you like- regardless of their gender identity.


Here's a few tips on coming out as bisexual:





Hope this helps!




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Thanks for the great articles, they really helped! I came out to my best friends yesterday, and they all accepted me, which felt amazing. I told them not to tell anyone, and the promised not to, that's cool. I've made my brother follow some LGBT accounts on Instagram as a compromise to not join the GSA but to be educated. I have absolutely no idea what to do with my Dad, because he won't listen to anything I have to say.

Thank you!


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This is amazing news!!!


A suggestion is that maybe when your brother is fully on board, then you can talk about how to approach your dad?


So glad the articles were helpful.




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