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catfished by an ex student on instagram


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I added an account on Instagram two weeks who I thought was a mum of 28 years old who was quite attractive. This person had a normal name and started sending me quite sexy pics which I then got involved into a more sexual conversation over 2 days which resulted in 'sexting' between two adults. I then started getting questions about bullying from this person in regards to her daughter and this person searched me up at my current school. I then asked more questions to her. It then turned out I got pranked and this person in question is an ex student trying to get me back for apparently picking on them in a previous school. Since then I have been threatened with pictures of me being sent to my school, abusive messages to me, told to get on my knees and film myself saying sorry and also threats to get me sacked from my current school. I have contacted the police today as this has been going on now for 10 days and I feel distressed and anxious, Any advice?

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Hi AlexPie,


We are so happy you contacted the police about this! You're right in contacting authority... This is extortion. Who knows how many other people this person has blackmailed.


Would you be able to message me directly, so I can see what I can do from the Instagram end?


Although there was stressed caused by everything this person put you through, now I'm sure there are more worries- wondering if there will be any consequences to speaking up.


Have you spoken to your school-- letting them know the situation so they can be prepared and offer support?


I know it's hard to think of other components when your safety is still in jeopardy, but the bullying this person says you did to them... do you remember the circumstances they are referring to? Unfortunately, we can't go back in time and change our behavior-- but we can think about how to try to fix a situation, now.


"Revenge" situations tend to have a lot of moving parts. Do you have any feeling/indication that this person is unsafe, themselves? That maybe they are looking to harm themselves, as well as others? Do you think this person would benefit from a mediation session?


What did the police say?




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I am speaking with the police tomorrow and hope they investigate who this person is.


I have not spoken to my school and want to keep it as private as possible for now.


I am glad I have spoken up about this as I have felt very stressed out.


I don't feel I have bullied any student in the past or picked on them but If I have then I was unaware of this. I think this person in question hold a grudge and won't tell me what it is. The person just keeps trying to blackmail me and threaten that I will lose my job as I've sexted with a minor. This person has created a fake profile pretending to be a 28 year old woman with a child wanting to have sex with me. Does this warrant me getting sacked and going to jail?


I can send you some of the messages this person has sent. How do I inbox you?

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