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Im new and i just had a break down anddd now im here 😂


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Hi so i guess im supposed to

intoduce myself . My name is Ysa, im 13, and im bisexual. ive known for sure for about a year but other than that ive had an affection for girls as well as guys since i was about 9. i came out to my friends and sisters last year. when i was confident about it i told my mom. and then she told me to go to my dads house for a few nights and to not have any girls spend the night. and that honestly knocked me down. i convinced her that i was just bi-curious but im not anymore and that i only like guys. but in reality i was falling head over heals for this girl. shes was the most beautiful person on the planet and me and her were talking until i ended it bcs i didnt want my mom to find out. no adults know i am bisexual bcs most of the adults i know are homophobic or im just not close enough with them to tell them. At my sisters collage graduation a gay man was the valedictorian and he talked about the struggles growing up gay & catholic and going to a catholic collage. well the speech happened to come up in conversation at dinner and my mom said ?Well i paid a lot of money for reyna to go to that collage and i expected someone worthy of speaking infront of everyone? and we were all just arguing until it came to the point where she said if he was a straight white male maybe he would have been thinking straight too and had given a better speech. might i also mention that im mexican american. my dad was born in mexico and my mom is just white as ****** . so yeah. i didnt wanna cry but just like what would happen if she found out that i actually like girls. like i have no adult to go to. i have nothing.

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Thanks for coming to Community with this - we are here to help you, so you are not alone with this :)


I think it's great that you have come out. It takes a lot of courage to do that. However, I'm sorry to hear about what happened after it. How are you feeling about all of this?


How did your friends and sister respond to you coming out? If they are supportive, then that is great as they can be there for you to help you through this situation. Have you spoke to them about what's going on?


The thing is, when parents are homophobic, it may not represent their actual opinion which may have been forced on them by culture and religion. A lot of parents are shocked by the news and react badly. However, it is important to give them time to come to terms with it. Patience is key in this situation.


Also, you could try talking to your mum about how much it upset you the way she responded. By showing how much it means to you that she accepts you, this could help to get things moving. Additionally, with you already coming out to her once, it may not be as bad the next time you do it, and she may know that you later denied it because of her bad reaction.


Here is a guide you may find useful:




I hope this advice helps and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Sending positive vibes -Monsoon :)


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Thank you so much :) its good to know im not alone. and maybe ill start mentioning it more to my mom and get her more comfortable with everything before i come out again.

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