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Am I bi?


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My search history for the last two months has been consistently bisexual related questions. I have been hoping that Google can just let me know my identity. I guess that's what I want here as well. Someone to tell me who I am. I am 20, I would say probably masc. female (so have also struggled with my gender identity through my life), and am possibly bi. I am frustrated with all of this because I would have hoped I could've figured this all out in my teen years. However, due to my confusion and being self-conscious about my body image as well as feeling as though I should be fitting the female stereotype of looking feminine when I actually just want to get short hair and wear no makeup, has meant that I've never gone out with any gender. Which is probably why I'm so confused now. So yeah if someone could just let me know how to live my life, that would be great and then I could just get on with it rather than spending my evenings doing some BuzzFeed quizzes on whether I am attracted to Emma Watson. Sending lots of love to those as confused as I am. 💕💕

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