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Hi, I come from country that English is not our first language,so I'm sorry if I have lot of mistakes on my words. I just found ditch the label and happy to join in here. I have problem with parents bullying. They hate my fat body and appearance. Everytime I stayed at home, they are always commenting about my weight. And its happened since I was a kid and now I'm 24, so the problem is growing up with me. That's why everytime they bullied me it makes my old pain appears again and it really hurts bcs I remembered my childhood memories again. I have bad memories about my childhood too. Now I live away from them bcs of my study and im always afraid to come back home bcs whenever im at home, they are commenting about my weight, even I can't sleep in peace bcs they are always yelling at me in the morning to wake me up and always say 'look at you, you sleep too much, look at ur body, u r more fat. Why are you not shame having fat body? there are no boys will like you'. Beside that, they treat me different, they are always kind to my brothers. They never appreciate everything that I do, they never proud of me. They are shame having daughter like me who has fat body. Whenever I meet their friends or my friends they always said to them if I'm being more fat,and always compering me with their friend's daughter. Bcs of that I lost my confidence whenever I'm with my parent and meet their friends or my big family, I'm always afraid to meet them. It's nice to share it in here, I never share this to anybody, I just share it to my self. Thank you for creating this site.

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Hi Snowy!


Welcome to Community! We are so glad you'd found this safe space to share about your life.


As you will see, I moved this conversation to Appearance & Body Image category so that people can find the topic easily ?


I am so sorry to hear about the way your parents treat you regarding your body shape. I can tell it has affected you.


How does it make you feel about your body? Do you feel confident in your body?


I'm glad you live away from them... but it doesn't help the relationship when you go back to visit. I can see how old pain appears every time.


How do you respond to your parents when they say these things? Have you ever spoken to your brothers about how much it hurts you for your parents to have these weight and size expectations for you?


I'm so glad you found us! So many of us are working through body image issues. Thank you for sharing with us ?






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Hi, thanks for replying me :) sometimes, i feel unconfident, especially when i meet my parent's friends, my old friends and my big families. But when im around people who make me comfortable, im being confident. Does being fat is a sin? I dont understand why they see me like i make biggest sins by having fat body. I ever tried to loose weight but sometimes i give up bcs i run into food whenever i got stressed. And that's make my parent doesnt like me more.


Whenever i come to visit, i never want to stay for too long bcs they will hurt me again. But do u know what's funny part in here? My parent sometimes being soo kind to me, we have fun chit and chat, and i really enjoyed it bcs i want to feel being around my family, but suddenly they can change the topic from fun chat being annoying chat like they start to say something about my body. Sometimes i think, did i already lost my support system? If my parent cant accept me the way i am, then how can other people can? Is it true? Does every parent feel shame having fat girl?


I never gave response when they talked about that, im always being silent and listen them. I cant do anything. I ever talked about that to my bro, and he suggested me to do diet too so my parent will not be angry anymore.


Yeaa im happy i can tell my story in here, im 24 but im telling the story like a child story, im so sorry. This is why i never told about this to other people bcs im afraid they will see me so childish bcs i cant solve this problem.

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Hi. Ive never experience this but i really want you to know that even though i dont know what you look like, please can i just say that even if you are overweight, you are still a beautiful human being. I can tell. So please know that.?

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