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Is it ussuall not tbe attracted to anyone?


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So bassically I dunno why but i just don't care about romantic relationships never had and in all 19yrs of my life I've never had a boyfriend or other when people ask I avoid the question as I personally don't want to say as I know if that happens people would make fun of me as most people my age already have boyfriends or other. It doesn't help in my college a boy in the level below me. I spend time with a friend who's a boy because otherwise he is on his own during lunch or breaks and that student makes remarks of asking if we're dating which I hate as I said I don't care and just because we're different genders doesn't mean we're dating. He tries to trick me

Into saying yes which i hate as I said I don't care about romantic relationships but I don't say anything as I feel like If I do I'll just get made fun off.

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There is a sexual orientation that is what you describe called aromantic . I'm not an expert on it but I'm asexual myself and there kinda related but opposite. aromantic is when an individual isn't able to or doesn't experance feeling of romantic love. I would do some research of your own. I went through the same feels as you, but it's important to remember that you don't owe anyone an explanation for what you do or don't feel. If this guy makes you feel bad and is pressuring you then he is disregard your feelings. Be proud of who you are no matter lack of feelings or surplus! I hope this helps.

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Hey RandomGuy!


Great question! Many people don't feel sexual attraction or interest in romantic relationships with people.


If you're comfortable not wanting or needing a relationship, that's perfectly okay! Telling people you're not interested in having a romantic relationship, is a perfectly reasonable answer.. and if you wonder why you don't want a relationship, we can try to figure out if there's an underlying cause.


Friendships between guys and girls shouldn't get so much attention. It sounds like the boy in the year below you can see it makes you uncomfortable. That kind of pressure and teasing is unwanted. Maybe you can speak to him, calmly, about you not liking how he approaches you and your friend.


How does your friend feel about that boy coming up to you two and saying things?




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