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Psychosis Recovery & Mental Health


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In 2017, I suffered from an extremely debilitating episode of Psychosis.  It damaged my brain and made me suffer from severe delusions, hallucinations and sleep walk regularly…. It took several years before I got proper professional help, but I have now since got on the road to recovery. Though, I’m finding it very very hard to manage my fluctuating moods and get used to feeling ‘normal emotions’ again, because I was controlled by psychosis/in a dark place for 4+ years, my brain was constantly low and depressed not feeling happiness or joy… does anyone have any tips on how I can manage my fluctuating emotions or have any similar stories they would like to share? Comment below if so, it would really help me knowing I’m not the only young 21 year old girl who’s experienced psychosis. 

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Hey @Finola

Welcome to the DTL community. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who reach out to us.

I'm really glad you have since gotten on the road to recovery; I'm wondering, what do you think it was that helped you to get back on the right track?

Also, with the fluctuating emotions, I'm wondering, are you currently getting any support for your wellbeing? If so, have you spoken to those who support you about this? 


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