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That sounds really stressful, and while I'm not going through that, I'd be willing to talk to you about it. There are also digital mentors, @Monsoon, @Blondie, and @Aurora, who can also help you talk through some stuff.

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16 hours ago, camrynne said:

i suffer with a very bad throwing up phobia and would like to take to other people going through the same thing

Hi Camrynne, thanks so much for starting this post. I’m Aurora and as Emberfrost12 kindly mentioned, I’m one of the digital mentors here.  I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with Emetophobia. I can definitely relate, as I have a mild version of it myself. Mine has gotten much better over the last few years, so there is hope 🙂 You said that you would like to talk to others who are also going through the same thing. Does that mean that you are getting help for it already?


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