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I came out to my family but...


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So, i came out for my family recently as a bissexual woman because i never came in touch with my sexuality, but after a long month coming in touch with it in therapy and with myself i discovered myself to be a bissexual.

And my family was really receptive and love and caring and said that "they already knew it" and that was everything ok and my mom said "now I'm a rainbow mom" but... 

Today, i was as usual before i go to sleep scrolling through TikTok and i stoped the sound for a while (because i was testing tiktoks filters) and i heard my name coming out of my mom's room and i never do that, but i felt like hearing it. And my mom, my sister and my stepfather who hugged me were all saying that they already knew it, and that they think I'm not ok (in my head i guess) and that my bad mood in these past month where i was coming out to myself all alone and thinking for myself and yes, my mood was a little bad because there was a lot in my head. 

And they were saying that this coming out bow was me being needy and without self-love (because i never felt ready or at least wanted to have something romantically speaking with anyone till this year) that if i never dated before that wasn't my mom's fault (witch i never blamed her). And today, after saying and coming out to them i felt so energetic and happy and light because everyone knew it already (everyone that matter it) and now i feel heartbroken because i thought they understood me and i thought that they accept me with any "well i don't think she's ok" or "i think she's needy" 

It hurts 

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