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hi I have been bullied through my life and now things are getting better but I'm still scared that it will happen again. I have also noticed that I have been saying stuff to other people that people have said to me when I was bullied. Any advice on how to stop doing this?

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Hey there Clouds456!


Thank you so much for bringing your story to Community. I've moved this thread into the General Bullying category so that people can more easily find your questions.


Would you be willing to share more about your experiences with bullying? What has changed so that you're not being bullied as much? What were you being bullied about?


That fear of bullying does stick with us for awhile ? I'm thankful that you're looking to work through the effects of bullying on you, now... That's incredible!


Here are a couple resources, on the scientific reasons behind bullying, and how to overcome the effects of bullying:






Would love to know if they are helpful!




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Sometimes bullying won't stop it happens everywhere, like with me my bulling didn't stop till my 3rd year of college. If even some people's work. So you just have to learn to deal with it and if your in school. Once your in college it won't be as bad. Bullying is techincally illegal. Also bullies tend to be the ones that end up not doing well in life.


Also do you know why they bully you?

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