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2 hours ago, Kendall said:

I am trying to figure out what romantic attraction? Can you have a romantic attraction to someone but not have sexual feelings?Β 

Yes, you can! Being romantically attracted to someone doesn't mean you have to be sexually attracted too. They can be without each other, and it is also completely normal to not feel sexually attracted to anyone at all. Hope this helped!

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1 hour ago, Kendall said:

But how would this work. What is romantic attraction then? Where is the line. If it is being together, hanging out, sharing feelings isn’t that just being a good friend?Β 

Good question! Romantic attraction is generally assumed to be much closer than a friend. More intimate in that you might hold hands, kiss, tell them how beautiful hey are and how much you love them, share deep feelings with each other and verbalise those feelings. There might be an exclusivity to the relationship in that you wouldn't share this level of relationship with others (like friends).

With friends there is generally an unspoken boundary where you can of course love them but don't necessary share intimacy beyond a hug / greeting kiss etc. Β 


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