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XBOX or PS4?


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hey everyone. so my mom has agreed to finally buy me a games console and im super hyped. which 1 is better? xbox or ps4? and can anyone recommend any good games/

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Hey Bingabong. I would recommend PS4,


even just for the exclusives it has which have all been amazing: The Last of Us 1 (2 is coming this year), God of War, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Persona 5 I could go on...

Some upcoming are Detroit Becoming Human, Spiderman. You should have a look into it, Xbox doesn't have as many good exclusives.


The graphics are great even on the normal PS4, they're amazing on the PRO too but both hold up to these amazing games!


I also like the controller more its smaller and fits right into my hands nicely.


While I do think PS4 is better Xbox ones are still decent I just think PS4s have more game choices ^.^


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