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Trans Male and Menstruation

Pedro (Peter) Β  Β 

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Hey there, so I've been thinking about my gender and dysphoria a lot nowadays, and since I never met a trans and I live in a small community I came here to ask. I just wanted to know, if you feel ok with sharing it, how you trans male saw or felt with your period? I never got used to it and I already have it for 6 years, is that normal for everyone or is something that trans males feel? My mom says it's not normal for me to feel so strange with my period and that normally cis women, don't like it but get used to it. So I just wanted to know your experience and opinion if you are ok with sharing it of course. Thanks

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I’m not trans, but I’m going to share because I’m also not cis. I kind of deal with it by treating it like something that’s just happening to me on accident, and pretend that it’s not happening

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