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people confusing me


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sometimes i question whether i could be bi. thing is, firstly, i know for a fact i definitely like guys. i have kissed girls a lot of times before but i also just think that a drunk kiss doesn’t really mean anything, boy, girl, ugly, hot. i definitely can appreciate when a girl is hot but i think it’s more like “wow, i wanna be her, go her” than an actual like attraction. in the past, i have questioned it very lightly but also it could just be because i was watching tv shows other lgbt+ lead couples and i tend to sort of become like whatever shows i watch. from my experiences with girls, i think i’m straight, but everyone around me tells me i’m def bi but in denial which just confuses me. i’m pretty sure i’m only sexually attracted to men and then i platonically love my girl friends but people confuse me… what if i’m just like secretly repressing something so i can fit my dream life? i’m just kinda confused tbh. 

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey @kcundercover Welcome to the Community!😊

I am Daisie a Community Warden here on the Forums, and I’ve just come across your post, I just wondered whether you’d like to have a chat with one of our Trained Mentors? I will tag them in so you know who they are and so they can reach out to you. @Monsoon & @Blondie



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