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I don’t know my sexuality and my family don’t approve the lgbt+ community help


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Hey Maddie1212 ?


Thanks for coming to Community for help.


What kind of help would you like regarding your sexuality? We have various articles that may help, but I want to know which one to suggest!


Please know, you're not alone in trying to find out how to explore the LGBTQ+ community while your family doesn't approve/understand. Your family would benefit by being educated around community, but I know that's hard, sometimes. Have you brought up aspects of the community to them before?





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Hi I'm 14 years old in a couple of days I will be 15 but I still don't know my sexuality because sometimes I feel like I am in love with a boy and sometimes with a girl and other times I feel like I don't understand what love is or a relationship is and I just feel wired about it I don't know if I'm bisexual straight lesbian or asexual and the problem is that I can't ask my parents about it because they think that being straight is the only right thing and they don't support the lgbt+ and I can't ask my friends because almost all of them believe in the same thing so what can I do to know my sexuality and how can I tell my parents'?

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Hey Nanab237!


Happy early birthday!


This is a great time to be exploring who you are... I know there's pressure to have it "all figured out," but know that your curiosity is completely normal.


Here is an article regarding this time in your life.:




Try not to judge your feelings, too much. It's okay to have attraction, and it's okay not to have attraction, or sexual/romantic intentions. Many people do find a label helps them understand themselves, but I encourage you not to feel pressured to attach to a label.


In regards to getting support, however, is there an LGBTQ+ community in your area? It's really important to surround yourself with people who support your exploration, and when you ultimately share with family and friends.


Here is an article to look over, for when you're ready to talk to your friends and family:




Do you have even just one friend (or sibling, or teacher') who you could share this with?


I'm really thankful you shared this, here ?




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