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How to Go About My Crush

Katie is a Rainbow    

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Hey, so I have this writing group I'm in and I have a pretty extreme crush on one of my friends from it. We've only met in person a couple times so I only really know them from online and google meets we have plus our chat. Anyways, I know I have a crush on this girl (I'm bisexual and panromantic btw) and the last time we met in person she told our group that she has trust issues and that she's paranoid. I don't think she was joking but I also don't think she was being fully serious either. If it is true (which I think it is) then how am I supposed to gain her trust? I want her to like me but in our chat I just get so awkward and I want her to talk to me but I feel like I always say the wrong thing... She's really incredible and while I want her to like me I'm scared of getting hurt and/or disappointed if she doesn't like me. I tried to let her into my life and connect with her by sharing stuff with her but she didn't seem that  into discussing things. If you guys (and everyone in between) have any ideas or suggestions for how I should go about this then I'm all ears. Hope your day goes well!


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heyy i know its been a while since you posted this, but i saw that no one replied, and so maybe i can help!! 

soo i wont say i can relate fully, but there are some aspects that i feel. 
so theres this guy i really like. he's pretty shy, but i'd say he's one of my best friends. and i know he doesnt see me that way, which is totally fine. he has closer friends from different schools, and i totally respect that!! but i also wish our friendship could get deeper... and maybe even become more. 
so whenever i see him, especially when its one-on-one, i try and give him small insights on my personal life. or ask him for advice on things. or share my honest opinion. i want to show him that i trust him. because i do. sometimes i even try to ask him personal questions, to maybe see how comfortable he is with sharing things with me. 

so maybe try something similar. instead of hoping someday that she will trust you, show her that you trust her. and sometimes it isnt only sharing things, but also asking her opinion or asking her for advice. knowing someone values your opinion is a whole different kind of trust. 

i hope this helped at least a little!! if not, my ear is open :))


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