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My day hasn't been too great...and my dad made it worse


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So I woke up this morning, and remembered that my pet chicken had passed away yesterday...and when I found her, it was a very traumatic experience...So that didn't make me feel very happy when I woke up this morning. Had an okay-ish day with my mum today, and it was going SO well until my dad started having a go at me for being rude to him and disrespecting him when I literally didn't even say anything to him. He's been verbally abusing me and my sister for a while honestly. To be fair, his job IS stressful, but even so, he yells, and he ALWAYS turns arguments around on me to make it look like I'M the one who started it so that my mum yells at me to be quiet, and he gets away with blue murder. Yesterday, my mum had to go to hospital cause she's got Long Covid, so she couldn't really breathe properly, and my and it really upset me because of what happened when I was 3. My little sister Samantha was a 24 week baby but was born the size of a 21 week, and sadly only lived for 90 minutes. Anyways, my dad didn't make me feel any better by reminding me (he most likely did it unintentionally, but still) that 'chickens dont live forever' which just made me cry because this chicken and I were really close....I don't know what to do...I'm 19, and my sister will be 18 in April, but I'm also Autistic and I have ADHD, PTSD and Separation Anxiety. Not only that, but my dad doesn't understand my autism at all. He sometimes grabs me to 'control me' as he claims, when we get into arguments and he yells. The grabbing rarely happens though, so I'm not worried, its more the yelling that I hate. I have no idea how to get him to stop yelling. I try to remove myself from the situation by going to my room and closing the door quietly just to calm down, but he either continues to yell at me, or he storms into my room without knocking. I've often said that I will not respect someone who treats me like this, and especially someone who gives me no privacy (he sometimes walks in when I'm getting dressed!) and I really just don't know what to do. Does anyone else feel this way??? If so, do you have any tips/advice? I should also mention, even at 19, I'm crying at least twice every day because of my dad. My sister has kinda taken on the role of the older sister and me the younger mainly due to my autism, it was an unspoken thing, she's just more responsible. 

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Hello @Horseygirl

I just want you to know that I've sent you a message to checkin and carry this conversation on. I hope to hear back from you soon. 


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I can’t help much but as for the chicken, I have also had the experience of having and unusual pet s as is being told they don’t live forever or even worse it was just a (toad, lizard, rat, spider being some I have heard.) and with your mom not doing well just making it worse the loss of your pet is probably devastating so if you need to share some good memories of your chicken i am here

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