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Seating Location In One Of My College Classrooms

James Sustaita    

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Hello everyone I'm new to this type of thing, where I leave a question somewhere online and someone answers and gets back to me. I have been going to school this spring semester and have been sitting at the back of the class, with other students,  in the same spot since class started in January. A fellow classmate has started speaking to me lately but I find it annoying because it seems that sometimes talks when the teacher is talking or he keeps talking about stuff that doesn't interest me. I have to say that it is really starting deter my attention away  from the professor more than I would like to admit. I think I need to sit somewhere far from this guy because it seems, to me anyway, that he's really not taking the class as serious as me but, he's younger than me and I don't know if this will seem weird or awkward to him or other students that have become used to seeing me there at the usual spot and then all of a sudden see me at the front closer to the teacher where I can remain focused. So, I just want to know what other people think about this move if I do do it. 

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Hi lak,

This is the exact same happening to me rn in school...

I am currently studying in a class with none of my friends in it...

Unfortunately the only friend...no, more like ally isthe topper of the classwho i know...and so have to sit with her cause she can be helpful at times...

But she talks ALOT like actually ALOT

So i have also been thinking about changing my seat and sitting with someone else...but im afraid that shes gonna feel bad if i do so...


I dont even know anyone else in my new class i have legit no friends in my new class sadly....so i donno what to do...

We've been told off multiple timea by teachera that we talk alot...and she ia the type of girl that blames everyone elseand not themselves even tho shes wrong...

So even if or when she sometimes blames it on me...sayin that I TALK ALOT NOT HER...

The teachers thankfully know otherwise and i havent been scolded for a dumb and fake reason...

But yea the point is even i want to change my seat but i donno how....

Also sorry if this wasnt helpful at all....



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No, yeah, this was helpful. I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I'm not the only one going through this. I was started to feel that in thinking of changing seats mid-semester, that I would be looked at as some kind of jerk or arrogant person, I think I am going to change seats  because I feel that if I continue to sit next to this person it distract me from the Instructor and I won't get the complete learning experience that I desire when learning. In my opinion, I think you should move because ultimately you are there to learn so that you can pass the class and get good grades to go to a nice college to get a good job so that you live comfortably, which is what I should be thinking about as well but maybe make an excuse in a manner that won't hurt that person. In my case I will probably say that I'm having trouble listening to the teacher or that I'm having trouble seeing that day's  lesson on the chalkboard so I have to sit closer. I know how you feel about having no friends because I literally have zero friends, which is why I was thinking to not move to another seat because this person is a possible candidate to become a friend or at least an acquaintance.  If your teacher has told you and that person to be quiet, I would probably sit somewhere else if I were you, or at the very least maybe tell your friend something like "Hey, maybe we should talk less so that the teacher won't tell us to be quiet". Anyway, thank you Sara007 for taking the time to reply to my post. You really did make a difference in my life and I do really mean this with the utmost sincerity. Thank you so very much.Go to topic listing

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Hi lak!

Im glad i could be helpful to you!!

And yea thqnks for the advice...

I will try to do that tomorrow itself...vause i do have an excuse thats actually true...that i cant rlly see the board from far back where im sitting with her...


But anyways,

Thanks again!!



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Also i changed my seat today...

Id say it was fine...altho she did try to xonvince me not to move...but i just had to...so yea did that today.


Hope you can do it too!

And good luck to you too for all of your future endeavours!



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That's great news Sara, I hope your friend didn't get upset but it was probably for the best. You definitely don't need someone that will keep you from concentrating in class. I haven't changed seats yet because  there was a teacher staff meeting today so I won't be back in class again until Tuesday  but I will definitely change seats and I will let you know how that went. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my posts,  It really means a  lot to me. 💛🥲If there there ever is anything else you want to talk about, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Til next time, Sara. Take care now, Bye

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Heyy lak!

Yea it was definately for the best..

I could a 100% focus alot more in class!

So yea thanks for that!

And yea,

I too am here for you if/ when you ever wanna talk!!



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That's awesome Sara, you definitely rock!🤘 That is so sweet of you about being there for me.  You are the first person to tell me that in a long time. Thank you, I will definitely keep in touch. 



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Aww YOU ROCK too !!!


And youre welcome lak!

Amd sorry that not alot of people have told you this...but at least some of us are to give you the support you truely need!!

And yea even i'll be in touch of course!

All the love,




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