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Can stress cause pain in shoulder/neck

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So bassically i woke up a couple of days ago with a bit of pain mostly in my left shoulder just above the collar bone where muscle meets neck. So it's hard to tell whether it's from shoulder or side of neck. I have a little in my right shoulder but not as much as left shoulder. So e


but i can't tell where if it's from like the only reasons i can think off is


1. I have had a lot of stress recently but before it's never caused it in that area.

2. i fell of my bike 3 weeks ago but i don't think it's to do with this as i was fine afterwards. My elbow was a bit sore at the time as i fell off towards the side and it was only my elbow that took the most impact (Wasn't even on the road) but i was wearing a backpack at the time and i just made a silly mistake it wasn't because of a accident but i was fine cycling afterwards but i dunno if injuries can develop afterwads or i just wasn't aware at the time because i had to get to college . like i had a similar thing after falling of a horse a couple of years ago but with my wrist muscles but it just went away afterwads.

3. Just over use in general because i have been cycling quite a lot and had to get heavy shopping.

4. something else, dunno what else it could be though.


but it's really get annoying an i hope it goes as my college starts this week and i have to stopped cycling because of it for a moment as i don't want to make it worse . :( or a mixture o f above

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey Randomguy, yes, we can experience pain and discomfort from stress, especially around the shoulders and neck. But it's always best to get things checked out by your doctor just in case you have injured it and it's taken a while to come out and if it's stopping you do your normal activities. Let us know how you get on.


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Yes!!! I sometimes get sore throats when i'm stressed. My advice is to do things to relax urself

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