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Debate: how would the world be different if everybody was born without a gender label?


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I had this conversation with my friendship group last week and I'm interested to know what you think. How would the world be different if everybody, including public figures, political leaders and the general public, were born without an assigned gender?

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On 2/4/2022 at 4:03 AM, bingabong said:

Well firstly I think mental health issues would be much lower, especially in men

Definitely agree. But women as well. I didn't really want to shave my legs, or anything till my mom told me to. Just wanted to be that girl who dared to be different. But then I just randomly did (shave) of course because I make decisions without thinking and am a pleaser. Buy my point is beauty standards can be pressuring

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There would be a lot more freedom to show who you are without getting in trouble for not being stereotypical. Also, no one would have to come out, because you’d just like whoever you like.  There would be less gender gender oppression in general. It could also spare a lot of people from dysphoria because it wouldn’t be as much ‘this body equals this gender’ to fight against. 

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8 hours ago, PeaceOut said:

Definitely.  But then you wouldn't get the excitement of being you enough to defy standards.

Ha, thats true. And I love doing that. :)

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