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Hi everybody,

Really excited to share with you some changes to the forums. This includes the addition of 4 brand new forums and a restructure of several others. We'll be keeping an eye on the above changes over the next few weeks and may make additional tweaks and adjustments based on how they are utilised. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear in the comments below!

Here's an overview of the changes:

Welcome Party & Chat

  • 'Introductions, Announcements and Chat' is now known as 'Welcome Party & Chat' and now includes the general chat forums that were originally shown at the bottom of the homepage.
  • 'WWYD?' has been moved here from the support section
  • 'Rant/Brag Box' is now known as 'My Day'. You can still post rants and brags to this forum, but it is now even broader to discuss anything about your day
  • New forum: we've added a 'Creativity' forum for creative expression - such as through art, creative writing, memes and games.

Safe Spaces

  • The 'Support Questions' section is now known as 'Safe Spaces'
  • Forums in this section have been reordered based on popularity
  • New forum:Β we've created a new forum for 'Bullying, Trolling & Social Media' for more specific advice and support
  • New forum: we've created a new forum for 'Gender' to discuss identity and expression
  • New forum: we've created a new forum to discuss 'School, College & Uni Pressures'

News, Announcements and Fun Stuff

  • This section has been moved to the bottom
  • This section includes the recent addition of the 'Technical Support' forum


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I love it all because it allows us to evolve with the internet and peoples preferences.

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