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Picking the perfect cake for Leavers


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Hey guys, I am writting this because me and my head of year have been discussing me making a cake for the year 11 leavers and I have 26 choices to choose from and I was wondering if you could help me narrow it down to a selection of 8 cakes so that I can gather information and pick which cake I should make.

The choices are as follows:


  1. Simple chocolate cakeĀ 
  2. Spiced apple cakeĀ 
  3. Black forest GĆ¢teauĀ 
  4. Apple crumble cakeĀ 
  5. Marbled spice cakeĀ 
  6. Best everĀ chocolate cakeĀ 
  7. Angel food cakeĀ 
  8. Dundee CakeĀ 
  9. Carrot cakeĀ 
  10. PanforteĀ 
  11. Sticky gingerbreadĀ 
  12. Genoese cake with fruit and creamĀ 
  13. Queen ofĀ ShebaĀ cakeĀ 
  14. SachertorteĀ 
  15. Mississippi mud cakeĀ 
  16. Strawberry gĆ¢teauĀ 
  17. Chestnut cakeĀ 
  18. Madeira cakeĀ 
  19. Almond and Apricot cakeĀ 
  20. Victoria sandwichĀ 
  21. Carrot an almond cakeĀ 
  22. Flourless fruit cakeĀ 
  23. Lemon and apricot cakeĀ 
  24. Gooseberry cakeĀ 
  25. Autumn cakeĀ 
  26. Cinnamon apple gĆ¢teauĀ 


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