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Growing your hair long.


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Hey guys. I have just discovered a new method to help your hair grow an inch in 1 week and thought it best to share it with y'all and it only takes 5 - 10 minutes


The Inversion Method claims to achieve one inch of hair growth a week, and whilst it might not work for everyone it's definitely worth a try.


Get your hair trimmed to remove and split ends which may affect results.

Measure your hair so you can compare it to the end results.

Sit on a chair, sofa or the end of your bed, and hang your head between your legs. Remember: 'Inversion' is when your heart is positioned higher than your head. Inversion poses and twists are commonly found in yoga practices and are safe to perform, but if you feel dizzy or light-headed stop immediately.

Use your fingertips to massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you use a timer so you are continuously massaging.

You can help boost the method and give your hair an intensive moisturising treatment using a natural oil like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Argan Oil whilst massaging. If you can, leave it in overnight in a shower cap. More on these oils later. You don’t have to use the oil, but it will help condition so your hair will feel stronger and shinier than ever.

Repeat every day for seven consequetive days, then leave for a month before repeating.spacer.png


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