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New to this community (kind of)


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Hey everyone!

So I thought I would try and introduce myself a little bit as I did make this account in august but I’ve only just started using it as it was a little bit scary at first so I sat back and read peoples posts to get a feel for it.

Fun facts about me!!

1- My name is Farrah. (She/her)

2- I am from England.

3- I love gaming and anything to do with sports (except table tennis as I usually can’t see the hall as it bounces so quick!) 😂

4- I decided to join this community because one of my teachers recommended it for me as they thought it might be good for me and I am glad they did as I’m really pleased to be here!

Finally my last fact is…

5- I love helping people as it makes me feel happy and I will always be here to sit in the dark with anyone know matter if I know them or not or if I don’t get along with them as everyone deserves someone they can talk to and be open with, without fear of judgement. :)

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Hey @Farrah2772 welcome to the Community 👋🏻  what a lovely introduction you have given!⭐

I just wanted to pop a message and send you a warm welcome. I am Daisie a Community Warden here on the Forums, and I ensure the Forums remain a safe and positive space for all. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a shout any time! 

I do hope you’ll find the Community warm and welcoming, if you ever need any support or advice we do have trained Mentors on hand, I’ll tag them in so you know who they are! @Monsoon & @Blondie

Really look forward to seeing you on the forums. 😊


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