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i've struggled with self esteem my whole life since i can remember i always felt shitty about myself. even today although im doing better there are many many days in which i struggle.ย 

I used to hurt myself, pull my hair, burn my skin, cut my wrists and i really dont want to go back to those days.

I feel like im completely alone, im living with a friend in the uk and this christmas i didnt get a single message from my family or from my friends or supposed to be friends. it was such a lonely christmas that i spent drunk and crying in bed.

I feel like im never important or good enough for no one not even for my family. Maybe being bullied gave me trauma or maybe not idk what i know is that its hard waking up everyday without having one single soul give a fuck about u.

I recently had some personal problems that destroyed me and my self esteem even more so if anyones is up for a chat maybe we can help each other.


anyways life is shit but we move.ย 

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hey @pirulitooosย thank you so much for opening up so honestly, that takes a lot of courage. Christmas sound like it was very hard.

It sounds like you've made such a lot of progress with self-harm. It takes work to build your self-esteem back up but it is absolutely possible. Despite the feelings you have, let me be one of the voices that assures you that you are important, good enough and worthy of love and respect.

Your safety is our number 1 priority - as you've mentioned self-harm, can I ask if you feel safe right now?


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