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I hate anti-bullying week


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Every year when I realise it's anti bullying week I do an involuntary eye roll. I see people saying "tell a teacher". In my experience teachers are the problem. They have the ability to help but they don't. I was always told I was over reacting and that my bullies were just being my friends, it was "just banter". Teachers had these one dimensional views of students and didn't want to comprehend that a person who appeared so sweet and kind to them could be abusive to a classmate or that the head girl could be completely cold hearted.

They weren't my friends. Friends wouldn't constantly try to humiliate me the way the people at school did. This has left me with long term scars and most likely life long mental health issues.

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Hello @creativebeans

Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts with us; I can totally see where you are coming from. I think that as you say, some members of school staff can sometimes be the problem too, and I'm sorry that they let you down when you were experiencing bullying. How is everything for you at the moment? 


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