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I feel bad about my looks and I am having trouble with my friends. I have a friend that but I do not know if she really takes me as a friend, she says I am quite ugly and pushes me away in disgust when I accidentally touched her hand or anything. she also says that I am not very smart as my results are quite bad and often makes bad remarks about me. I thought she was joking as she is a blunt person but I just think she does not like me now. But she will talk to me like we are friends at times but will say things that might make others think bad about me bluntly and in a joking manner, I really do not enjoy it but she is quite popular and I am scared I will not have any more friends if I tell her how I feel. I am also starting to hate myself and am actually thinking that I am ugly and dumb because of her, I try to ignore but her words hurt. What do I do

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Hey @kristine

Thank you for coming to us about this. From what you've said, I can totally get why you're hurt about how she is treating you. Even if she is joking, the most important thing to remember is that her actions don't sit well with you and your feelings are valid. How are you feeling about all of this? I hope you're doing as well as you can be. I'm wondering, why do you think she is treating you like this at the moment?


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